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Bodyboarding and surfing are my passion, plain and simple. Since my first go back in 1982 I realised that I wanted to get into it, however, back then, there were far less people in the water. It was much harder to get good gear and there was nowhere near the choice we have these days.

Life and circumstances changed and I moved away from the sea. It was in 1987 that I was re-introduced to the sport, funnily enough back at the same beach where I had initially had so much fun on my first board. I was hooked; my life has been dedicated to surfing and bodyboarding ever since. Now, here I am with a surf shop in a fantastic place, right by the beach, selling great kit to others who share the passion. For me it is a dream come true and I consider myself to be extremely privileged.

I have now been riding for over 30 years seriously. I have been selling surfboards, bodyboards and wetsuits for over 20 years. Nowadays I just bodyboard. My riding style is 50/50 Drop knee (semi standing) and prone (lying down). I love DK though; it is always a challenge. As for prone, give me a hollow left hand barrel and I'm in my element. Every winter I get away to surf new spots around the globe; usually in the tropics. As well as surfing some excellent waves it also gives me a great chance to experiment with different equipment too.

I love my job and the fact I can be so directly involved with my passion. It is this passion for surfing and bodyboarding that keeps me wanting to run this shop & remain committed to the sport. I will always make sure that people get good service and great advice and that perhaps they in turn will start to love the sport as I do.

See you in the surf.


Possibly the UK's longest surviving bodyboarder. Danny started bodyboarding in 1986 and is the countries most loyal sponsored rider. He is probably the most consistent rider out there too, performing as well now as he always has.

He teamed up with Alder wetsuits in 1987 and it was not long until he realised his competitive streak. Danny is a fierce competitor who lives and breathes the sport. Danny’s first contest was the English nationals in Newcastle. This was the start of a six year reign as English champion. Here is a list of some of his results:
6 x English champion

5 x British champion 1988, 1991, 1992, 1993 & 2009

British masters champion 2009

Having been the national champion so many times has allowed Danny to represent his country several times. Danny’s best result on the world stage was at Huntington beach, California where he finished 9th in a field of competitors which included the likes of Tamega, Steve McKenzie and Adam “wingnut” Smith. These guys were top of the game at the time. 

Winning the British Nationals again in 2009 at Porthtowan was probably Danny’s best ever result. To knock out so many good guys on the way to the final felt so good. But then to beat the likes of current top riders, Jack Johns and Damian Prisk was amazing. Winning in front of his home crowd was the icing on the cake. What a come back after years out of the limelight. The victory seemed a fitting way to call it a day on the contest side of things.

He still gets in the water loads to maintain a good standard of riding and can be seen most days at our local beach (Portreath) busting out his trade mark move, the table top invert as well as a full bag of other tricks.

Danny helps out in the shop, is involved in new product development and has beome one of the most qualified bodyboarding coaches out there. He continues to be an inspiration to us all.


Aka Eldred 'the aggressor Hawke, has to be the keenest bodyboarder i know, this guy absolutely rips. We first hooked up with Eldred in 2008 when one afternoon i was watching him here at Portreath wedge. I knew this guy could ride. We got him sorted on some new boards and his riding has just gone mental. I personally don't know how he pulls some of the tricks he does. Super consistant too.


Now over 40 he shows no signs of slowing down, he just seems to keep getting better! Often found at the better bodyboarding spots around the Cornish coast, he will always be dominating, pulling back flips, inverts, air reverses, the works.


A future British champ maybe??? sadly not. Contests are just not Eldred's thing. It's all about free surfing. He mixes it up in all conditions, big or small.


By the way, He's not aggressive! just hungry for any wave going. If he shows at your local beach, sit back, watch and learn. inspirational.



It all began for me growing up in the NE of England. I grew up in a village called Tynemouth, always in sight of the sea but completely unaware of a hardcore surf scene within the village. It wasn’t until a family holiday to Cornwall that I was introduced to riding waves.

I was instantly hooked & got my first surfboard in late 1986 followed by a Swell Bodyboard, I divided my time in the water between the two. I was fortunate enough to start surfing with a group of very competitive lads and very accomplished local surfers. We skated on flat days and chased down any ripple the North Sea could throw our way.

My family moved to North Devon in 1991 and Croyde became my local surf spot. This is where I started to experiment with many different forms of wave riding. I rode shortboards, longboards & bodyboards, any excuse to be in the water, especially those heaving Croyde low tide barrels.

I spent many winters away travelling during my time in North Devon, visiting the shores of Central America, North & South Africa, Indonesia and throughout Europe, sampling some of the world's best surfing spots.

Competition has also been a huge part of surfing for me, enabling me to travel to new surf spots. I have been lucky to see the best surfers first hand and to test my own competitive goals. Travel is something I have been into since a lad in the NE.

Long boarding has been my main discipline and I have been competing since 1995. I’ve surfed in the Hotdoggers surf club league since 1998, which I won in my first year & the BLU (British Longboard Union) reaching several finals and having my best end of year ratings in 2004 finishing 4th & in 2010 finishing 8th. I have also competed internationally at the Biarritz surf festival, against the worlds best. An amazing experience.

In 2002 the opportunity arose to do a degree course at Cornwall Collage. I headed west, settling in Portreath & escaping the increasing crowds of North Devon.

I still surf every kind of craft. When its tiny I am on my 9’6” log or 4’3” fish, head high & peeling it is the 5’10” quad fish or 6’2” thruster. When the surf gets overhead, ledging, shore breaks or reefs then I’m on my 41.5” bodyboard, there are no boundaries. The right kit for the conditions.

When I was a kid and went to the park I didn’t just play on the swings or the slide or see-saw, I played on everything & that’s how I view riding waves. Whatever the craft, I am out there! I am as passionate about wave riding today as when I was a boy, freezing my butt off in the North sea.