The UK and Europe no.1 bodyboarding shop

Many of you will recognise the logos above with our connection to Bodyboard HQ bodyboarding shop. We decided to increase our product lines in order to compete in these difficult times. For a long time we were asked; why do you not do online sales on your website. The answer was simple, we prefer to speak to customers to give them the best advice and to make sure they get the right kit. Even without add to cart Bodyboard HQ has been the market leader for many years with over 10000 boards sold.

Times have changed, we now have many more customers who want to buy their kit without speaking to someone. We built this site to fulfill that need. We would still prefer to speak to you but if you know what you want then simply click the button to buy. 

Stock levels can vary from day to day so please feel free to call or message us to check it's in stock or right for you.

We want you to get the very best out of sport that is very close to our hearts.